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Make your USB drive into a portable app suite

There are more and more portable versions of applications available everyday, meaning most people could actually do most of their work on any PC, and running everything they need from their pen drive.

CodySafe is basically a management application, which gives you a little pop up window above the system tray in Windows. In the CodySafe window, you have your installed applications ready to launch, and folders for your documents, music and pictures etc. It's a really handy tool to stick on a pen drive, as the interface is much more user friendly than an open folder window.

CodySafe will recognize any portable applications you already have installed. On the Codyssey website there are a few portable applications to add to your collection, but there are many more elsewhere. Specifically, there are loads more portable applications on the website, which has its own portable program manager. CodySafe is essentially the same application, so whether you use that or the PortableApps Suite is basically down to whether you prefer the color scheme!

If you own a USB stick, try out CodySafe, as it really makes use of your portable drive.

CodySafe supports the following formats

Compatible with PortableApps programs


  • Attractive and useful interface
  • Improves on Windows' USB system


  • Only a few applications available from Codyssey
  • Very similar to PortableApps Suite, but less complete

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CodySafe Beta for PC

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